Our name Luminous International Trading (LIT) is inspired by an 1850 Irish, Greek, International writer; Patrick Lafcadio Hearn, also known by the Japanese name Koizumi Yakumo “To ancient Chinese fancy, the milky way was a Luminous River, the river of heaven, – the silver stream.”

A river is swift flowing and continuously adapts to its environment. LIT is akin to a luminous river, quick, adaptable and lighting the way with prosperity and success; combining the skills of Western precision engineering, the Chinese quest for success and the Japanese business philosophy for continuous improvement.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have had live projects running with vastly different cultures and industries around the world. Computer manufacturing, industrial electronics, consumer, chemical, medical and dental. Learning everyday, collecting valuable experiences and putting that knowledge to good use.
We are about making things work, for you.

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