We deliver custom products from raw material through to finished goods. Leveraging our key asset; industrial know-how.

Our facilities with our key partners are dedicated to excellence and customer service.

All orders are produced to the specification and tested under the agreed protocol. Orders can be immediately shipped under agreement or marginal stock held on request.

Enquiries about OEM and Private Labeling, QMS, documentation, test procedures and packaging are welcome.

To place an order or to make a request for additional information please contact us.

Founded on more than three decades of experience. A core skill of LIT is the development of intellectual property patents and new products that are production ready.

LIT provide mass production ready with a scale up or a scale down strategy linked to sound financials. Development, sourcing, production, process, supply chain, logistics, quality management, profitability is our common language.
For additional information on development please contact us.

Studies, evaluations, clinical trials and setting up the right protocol for the right product are a seamless part of successful development.
LIT performs clinical operations both before and after product launch to market, to investigate a claim, to support a technical feature or to lay the ground work for effective mass production.

To enquire about a study or a clinical evaluation please contact us.

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